October 17, 2021

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Why NRA is opposed to gun registration

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National Rifle Association is the American body formed with the role of overseeing gun usage.
Why NRA is opposed to gun registration

National Rifle Association is the American body formed with the role of overseeing gun usage. The organization engages in activities such as training members on safe handling of firearms to minimize accidents. With millions of members the organization has become powerful to influence legislation on gun control both in the local and Federal government levels. As an organization, they aim at making sure that the freedom of its members are not violated through unfavorable laws.

One of their arguments against gun registration is that Americans with guns will be subjected to background checks therefore leading to invasion of privacy. The Second Amendment Bill passed years ago provided for protection from invasion of privacy for every citizen. Carrying out background checks with the aim of registering gun owners would result to violation of this fundamental right. This would greatly damage gun culture cultivated among American citizens.

Association with the largest gun manufacturers

Need for people to have safe living environment without government interference has made NRA have a strong stand on the matter. Crimes and murder have been a problem in the US making people provide security to their families. American constitution still provides for non-infringement on bearing arms giving them another reason to resist gun registration. They also see that gun violence will be put in check because everyone will have a neutral ground. Illegal gun owners will be put in control due to the presence of many citizens owning the same firearm.

Association with the largest gun manufacturers and resellers has seen them receive millions of dollars every year in terms of donations. That money usually goes to top officials making them fight to put government out of their business. Manufacturers gain big profits by selling these guns to the public who are their biggest customers. When registration is introduced, sales would drastically reduce as owners will be unwilling to comply with the new possession procedures. NRA now has to be in the front in making sure that their source of income is protected at all cost.

Reduction of guns owned by civilians

Vulnerable groups such as women have influenced NRA in their arguments on why people should own guns freely. Women and special interest groups need to protect themselves from abuse with gun ownership the only viable option. Registration would see most of them shy away from buying it making them susceptible to violence either domestic or by intruders. Family men can protect their women and children from invasions by armed thugs.

Reduction of guns owned by civilians would result in oppression by the government through law enforcement agencies. America has experienced this before when their founding fathers were oppressed by King George during his dictatorial rule. Going back to those dark times is a fact that NRA is fighting every day to prevent. Racist arguments have emerged because it is considered that the government is waging war against people of color who have been linked to increased crime rates. Officials of NRA have used this as a weapon against all efforts to bring subjective laws since it will be total discrimination. Americans need equal platform to be treated equally even in gun ownership.

Why NRA is opposed to gun registration

Psychology experts have revealed that changing laws on gun ownership will not necessarily have an impact on how the person thinks. NRA has argued that either way crimes, murder or suicide will happen. Studies carried out have reaffirmed this stance whereby most suicide victims never used a firearm to take their life. Advice given by NRA on gun ownership control, is that the relevant authorities should come up with alternative methods that will ensure human life is protected. They have actually proved that their role in educating members on usage has worked through the national statistics given.

People fighting for restrictions have faced criticism as individuals who are against America’s dream of a free state. They are portrayed as persons who are opposed to citizens ensuring they work safely with their security guaranteed. Reduction of firearms can result to over dependence on the government to provide a safe space to do business. Due to this situation, black markets are likely to rise leading to availability of more dangerous weapons which can affect the stability of a country.

History has shown that America has lived in a culture characterized by gun ownership with everyone preferring to providing their security. NRA will do its role to ensure that this remains the case.

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