October 17, 2021

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How Was Life In The Middle Ages

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People who lived around the 19th century had unique and strange character threads.
How Was Life In The Middle Ages

People who lived around the 19th century had unique and strange character threads. First is it important to note that people of this era were not that exposed as those in the 21st century. They had little or no guiding principles to check for any behavior that violated the rights of others. Most often they were guided by traditional rules as directed by their lords. Among several characteristics that people of this era possess was a hostile nature. In the 21st century, certain habits are permitted even when they contradict basic human moral values. For instance, issues like adultery, stealing, rape attracted dead sentences to perpetrators.

That is not the case in

That is not the case in modern times; middle ages had very strict moral values which bounded people together. Certain crimes never existed by reason of the kind of punishment given to anyone found wanting. Another typical characteristic of this medieval time was hostility especially to ladies. Female children were not given the same kind of privileges that men had. In fact, most women were meant to work hard and take care of their families. Like in the 21st century, women were not allowed to go to school, the men were more like dictators, and any woman that disrespected her husband was put to death immediately.

How Was Life In The Middle Ages

Middle ages had hostile leaders some were known as kings who had powers to issue a death sentence on anyone and it was carried out instantly. In most areas, women were not allowed to give birth to twins or triplets. If that happens the mother will be killed alongside the children, men could marry as many wives as they wanted, most often, others were forced into marriage against their will.

There was little or no law to punish most of these deadly acts, the king who was also referred to as lords and the sole authority to decide on any case. Nobody could dare challenge orders of the king, if you ever tried that was the end of your life. Killing wasn’t that difficult for them, most of the inhabitants were farmers who lived in abject poverty. That contributed to their violent nature, others could hardly feed their homes because of difficult living conditions. The kings made the peasants live more like slaves working under the sun for several hours.

The medieval era actually had very few rich people, those who were a little influential came from the royal family. They maltreated the under privilege and made them work for them as slaves, feeding indeed was a big challenge such that the peasants had to fight to survive. It was a matter of life and death to survive in this era. Children who grew up during this period had this same kind of hostile nature, with little or no education, all they knew was to till the ground and plant their crops. But, with the advent of the 21st century, some o these issues were dealt with. As many started getting exposed to civilization and obtaining formal education, some of these primitive habits got eradicated.

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